Panic attack prevention requires awareness

There is a saying in English, ‘A sound mind lies in a sound body’. This means, a healthy mind depends on a healthy body. Body and mind complement each other. If a person is not mentally healthy, just as his body is not healthy, if he is physically sick, he is also broken mentally. Moreover, if a person’s body and mind are not good, then he is dead even if he is alive! So to live a normal life we ​​need to pay attention to both physical and mental health. But unfortunately the biggest hindrance to a healthy normal life is panic attacks, which have already become quite a problem.

The brain works based on what we usually see around us. That is, the events that happen around us largely act as determinants of our mental well-being. For example we can pull the context of children. Children are imitators. Their healthy body and beautiful mind develop from childhood. Now, if a child sees his parents quarreling from childhood, then from then on that child will develop a special reluctance towards the family, fear will work.

Nowadays most of the children are seen, how they behave abnormally! They can’t run, laugh, or talk like a normal lively baby! Some kind of fear works for them in everything. This is the fear of various things, working abnormally, in the language of science it is called ‘panic attack’. In fact, the disorder is observed in children due to panic attacks; It is very worrying. This disorder has no specific age or time. Panic attacks can happen at any time in life. In particular, the impact on children is dire. 

Studies have shown that children and adolescents are more prone to panic attacks. But nowadays even adults are getting affected by this disorder. In adults the main cause is ‘anxiety’. They suffer from panic attacks due to excessive anxiety about various things. Experts are talking about panic attacks as the reason for the increasing rate of suicides these days. According to research, one in 10 people suffer from panic disorder. What a terrible thing! Panic disorder can have dire consequences if not treated on time. In 1980, according to the research of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the incidence rate of this disorder in men is 2.7 percent, while the incidence rate in women is 7.1 percent. of concern, Day by day, the rate of infection of women has increased to seven times that of men. It is surprising to think about the fact that women are affected at such a large rate! Currently, the rate of panic attacks worldwide is 3.6 percent per year. That is, 264 million people around the world suffer from panic attacks every year! 

To prevent panic attacks in children and adolescents should be closely associated. They need to be protected in dealing with the problems of daily life. It is even better if you can encourage various social activities. And in the case of adults, excessive pressure should be avoided. The unpleasant truth is, we tend to think too much. This keeps the burden of worry and stress on the head all the time.

So there is no alternative to discard negative thoughts and be interested in simple living. After all, panic attacks can be prevented through awareness. In fact, positive thinking is one of the prerequisites not only for preventing panic disorder, but also for leading a healthy and normal life. 

Farhana Afsar Moury, University of Barishal

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