Benjamin Netanyahu is returning to power in Israel

Voting is over. This was the fifth election there in less than four years. According to Boothferat polls, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to return to power after winning the election. But this is not good news at all for the Palestinians. Because this Israeli leader is returning to power by forming an alliance with the radical right and anti-Palestinians.

According to news agency Reuters on Wednesday (November 2), Netanyahu’s coalition is going to win 62 out of 120 seats in the Israeli parliament Knesset. “We are on the verge of a big victory,” the former Israeli prime minister told cheering supporters at the Likud party’s election headquarters.

However, this leader, who has been out of power for a year and a half, said that he will wait until the final vote count. The counting of votes is expected to be completed in the next few days.

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister. He has a record of being in power for 12 consecutive years. But in June 2021, Netanyahu’s uninterrupted rule ended when centrist Yair Lapid’s coalition won a majority in parliament.

However, since taking power, the fragile state of Lapid’s coalition of liberal, right-wing and Arab parties has become increasingly evident. Boothfert polls on Tuesday suggested they could win 53-54 seats in the Knesset in this election, far short of Netanyahu’s coalition.

Benjamin Netanyahu is now relying on staunch anti-Palestinian, Jewish nationalist, West Bank settlement leader Itamar Ben-Zivir and far-right leader Bezalel Smotrich to win the election.

But the possibility of forming a government with Netanyahu Ben-Zvir has worried not only Palestine, but also the United States. Because, this Ben-Givir is a former member of the Kach group, which is on the terror list in Israel and the United States. He is notorious for inciting conflict and making racist remarks.

Benjamin Netanyahu is returning to power in Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu is returning to power in Israel

Anwar Ghazal, an observer, told Al-Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, that extremism is on the rise in Israel. It is dangerous for the Arabs. Netanyahu is equally dangerous. The situation is not good. It’s terrible.

“That’s what I thought,” said Ehab Abukrubia, 30, watching Ben-Zvir’s supporters dance on the TV screen. I think most of the Jews here are extreme right wing. This is why we see the Likud party and Ben-Zvir getting so many seats.

The fear of the changes that Ben-Zvi will bring when he comes to power is not only seen among Palestinians, but also among Israelis.

Yohanan Plessner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, said, “If the results we see are true, the next government will be formed by a coalition that seeks to politicize the judiciary through a series of reforms and undermine the existing balance between government branches and services.”

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