The cry of hungry people in a world of inequality

Although Bangladesh is barely listed among the developing countries, it is still known as a poor country. As of now, one in four people in the country is hungry. According to that, the number of hungry people in the country is more than 4 crore. According to a survey, the number of poor people in the country is 3 crore. Due to the corona epidemic, 2 crore 7 million people have been added to poverty. According to this survey, the number of hungry people in the country is 5 crore 70 lakh! Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that one out of every 9 people in the world sleeps hungry. According to this calculation, the number of hungry people in the world is about 89 crores. Malnutrition has paralleled hunger in the world. According to another economic report, the number of people suffering from malnutrition in the world is two and a half billion! When this is the case, At that time, the wastage of food and money in the country and abroad caused great concern. In our country, there is unaccounted food waste in various ways. Many people have food overflows in their homes. But next to him, the sky and air are getting heavy with the wailing of many Bonnie Adams. According to a report by UNEP 2021, the total food waste in Bangladesh is 1,600 million kg! Which is about 4 years of food for 17 million people in Bangladesh! That means, it is possible to permanently eliminate hunger from the country with one year’s wasted food. Apart from this, the government has various projects, there are reliefs and various allowances. But there is no successful implementation of it in the country. People are not able to enjoy the benefits of these allowances. Experts have blamed corruption among stakeholders as a major obstacle to project implementation. They feel that the project has corruption, nepotism and infrastructural bottlenecks. As a result, Bangladesh does not get the desired success in eliminating hunger because the project is not implemented properly. There are nepotism and infrastructural lumps. As a result, Bangladesh does not get the desired success in eliminating hunger because the project is not implemented properly.

The present world is called the world of science and technology. In the last 50 years, science has made incredible progress. This discovery of science has brought the world into the hands of people. Through the discovery of science, man has been able to conquer the earth. sea, They have conquered the oceans and the sky. They built stations in space. Billions of dollars have been spent by world explorers on these discoveries. Among these, the most wasteful and harmful invention is the creation of weapons of mass destruction. In 2021, the world’s spending on nuclear weapons increased eight times over 2020. However, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has been formed to eliminate nuclear weapons. But powerful countries are thumbing down the ban. Disregarding this ban, they continue to discover weapons of mass destruction every year. And they are spending billions of dollars behind it. In 2021, the United States is spending 44.2 billion dollars on it. China spent 11.7 billion dollars. Russia made 8.6 billion dollars. Britain made 6.8 billion dollars. France made 5.9 billion dollars. India made 2.3 billion dollars. And Pakistan made 1.1 billion dollars. And North Korea alone made 642 billion dollars! In total, the 9 nuclear power nations spend $717 billion a year on weapons development. The amount in Bangladeshi Taka is 71 lakh 70 thousand crores; Which is equal to the current 12-year budget of Bangladesh! When this is the picture of waste in developed countries, millions of Bani Adam are falling to death for lack of a handful of food and two drops of water. When a large group is busy in luxury, drunk on the feast of abundance and extravagance, just then the cries of hungry people are heard nearby. Where even lakhs of rupees do not seem enough to entertain a child from a rich family, a group of skeletal children in East Africa look like pilgrim crows for a drink of water and a loaf of bread. It’s a shame to think that forty percent of the world’s people are still hungry in spite of this excellence of civilization! This huge population is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. All around them are mountains of hunger and thirst. Bangladesh has not been able to get out of this cycle of hunger and thirst. Bangladesh’s position in the world hunger index is not at all satisfactory. According to the World Hunger Index 2021, Bangladesh ranks 76th out of 116 countries. According to the index score, the level of hunger in Bangladesh is at a critical level. However, compared to 2020, this index has improved in Bangladesh. We are improving compared to neighboring countries on the global hunger index; But the condition of Bangladesh is very deplorable by international standards. The number of hungry people in the country is not decreasing at all. On the contrary, hunger and food shortages are increasing. According to the PPRC survey, 43 percent of the country’s population falls below the poverty line. The number of poor people is more than 7 crore. According to CPD, The poverty rate in the country is 35 percent and the number of people living below the poverty line is more than 5 crore 77 lakh. And these people belong to the hungry crowd.

We are playing the drum of development. We are talking about the development, progress and growth of the country. But I am not talking about the intensity of hunger in the poor house. I am not talking about a boy being unemployed even after obtaining the highest degree. We are talking about paying into social security programs. But I am not telling the reason why the poor are not getting it.

I am talking about disbursement of old age allowance, widow allowance and maternity allowance, but not about stealing from the local party leader. I am talking about the freedom fighter allowance and disabled allowance, but the brokers and crooked leaders are killing it, I cannot say that. This is the consistent and eternal picture of our country’s politics.

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This is how the real truth is lost in time. Today we are giddy with false happiness with the lantern of development, hiding the truth. We indulge in various pleasures. But we do not see the crisis of the poor. The sweaty story of the poor farmer is not visible. The history of the hunger of hungry people and the cries of the starving does not come to our attention. As a result, the country is increasing hunger instead of being free from hunger. The poor are getting poorer, and the looting rich are getting richer. According to the 2018 report of the London-based organization Wealth-X, the number of people who own more than two and a half million rupees in the world is increasing at the highest rate in Bangladesh. This number has increased by 17 percent in Bangladesh in the five years up to 2017; United States, China, Japan, India, including 75 major economies, Bangladesh has left behind! There is another sensational information in the report published by this organization in 2020. It is said there,

It was understood that the number of millionaires in the country has increased but the poverty rate has not decreased. As a result, the country’s economic development is limited to a group. People are falling from middle class to lower middle class and lower middle class to lower class. On the one hand, some people are owning a lot of money, on the other hand, the income of the vast majority of people is decreasing. This increases the inequality in the society and creates a kind of social unrest. Due to discrimination, justice is being lost in the society. Most of the people of the country are being crushed by their prosperity. In the world of discrimination, the cries of hungry people are increasing day by day.

Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman : Professor, Islamic University, Kushtia

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