Before the T20 World Cup, the initiative to rebuild the team is needed

T20 World Cup 2022 is knocking at the door. The tournament of the upcoming Twenty Twenty World Cup will be hosted by Australia where Bangladesh cricket team will directly play in the Super 12 round. The curtain will rise on the soil of the strong and current champion Australia. Sports lovers are already in the frenzy of the 2022 T20 World Cup. The countdown to the World Cup has already started. Fans are eager to beat the long wait.

When thinking about a busy event like T20, then it is about team performance. One Day Internationals (ODI) have been offering as much great cricket in recent times. Crushing strong opponents one by one. The lamp of hope is so dim in T20 cricket for Bangladesh cricket team.

Everyone, who knows about world cricket, knows, Bangladesh is still a very immature team in T20 cricket. Helpless submission to the adversary does not escape shame. In the T20 format of cricket, uncontrolled bowling, collapsing batting line-up are our main frustrations. Dave over has no one to be the team’s kandari. No one comes as a symbol of Varsa to paint the end. Back-to-back series losses are a reflection of our weak image. In T20 cricket, while standing tall, it collapsed again and again. What a cruel farewell to the 2022 Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The beautiful dream of victory weaves everything to dust at the last moment, like heavy rain in the eyes of the reader.

The memory of the last World Cup (2021 T20 World Cup) is a nightmare for the Bangladesh cricket team. No one will want to remember but will want to erase completely even after hundreds of attempts. But the memories of the last World Cup still haunt us. A T20 series after the T20 World Cup and what was the expected result?

Which T20 series was in our favor? The question remains. Therefore, the number of people who will bet for Bangladesh in the upcoming World Cup is absolutely insignificant. The mercury of hope is at the bottom line due to disappointment. However, if you want to be successful in life, if you want to take challenges, it is very necessary to turn around.

Use previous experience to find weaknesses and excel in those areas. It is important to produce the best performance at each position, as well as having strong backups. Because there is no backup to keep someone out of form in the team is nothing but disappointment, this matter can be the day of the match.

Cricket is a team game, so success will be achieved only if everyone in the team plays their role, if they exhaust themselves. All darkness will pass, long-term drought will end.

Young players can be the lifeblood of a team. The coach’s secret weapon, cannon ball or tram card can be the youth. So attention should be paid to the youth. A recent visit to Zimbabwe showed a positive impact. He has reduced his dependence on old players and placed his trust in new ones. Taking this risk before the World Cup was very necessary. The veterans have nothing to prove but the newcomers have to prove their place in the team. This tour is a great opportunity to prepare the youth. Experienced players inspire and turn the tide of a match.

It is very important to improve and develop some areas of the team. Ensuring a strong opening pair that can take on the devastating bowlers without fear. One down and middle order preparation is very important. The match largely depends on them, they can keep the runa wheel going in the match. A complete finisher is very much needed. The pace spin combination in bowling needs to be strengthened. After all, before the World Cup there is no alternative to rebuilding the team with youth and experience.

— By Zubayd Mustafa

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